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nsights that lasts forever…Why? Because they live and stay in our hearts and minds and souls.

Prove it to me…You might say to me, Okay…I will. Insights are just like modern songs or religious psalms. That is why we all have our favorite love songs or any good song…because they stay in our hearts and memories and touch our souls. We even call some songs…SOUL SONGS…as for example one of the songwriter and musician, Billy Joel’s popular song entitled “ ALL ABOUT SOUL” This song could also be a very modern psalm because of its universal appeal to everyone’s heart, mind and soul.

In fact, tell me…Why is music and songs so extremely addictive and popular all over the world? It seems that we cannot live more joyfully and fully without them? We must have our radios, television,MP3’s, IPods’ and headphones and mobile phones entertaining us twenty four…seven days a week. Why? Because music has the extraordinary power to entice us to listen. And become one with the song by singing along or humming or dancing to its hypnotic power. Tell me…What is the strange power that now demands our full attention? And the answer is that the word…MUSIC…comes the word…MUSES…or from the Greek word…the GODS. And did you know the word…GOD…in Hebrews means…”He who call to”…So our God, Our Father is always calling us to Himself through Songs and Psalms. So, enjoy the psalms in your very own bible…and notice that they especially convey every human emotion that we can have…from Joyful to Sorrowful to Glorious…or as some might say…from Happy to Country Music (Psalms) to Classical Music…our bible have them all. So, start down loading all 150 Psalms from your very own bible to your whole mind, your whole heart, and to your whole soul. And start singing your way all the way to heaven.

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Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Louis Studer, O.M.I.

Dear Friends,

t's been 50 years since Fr. Andy Chalkey, O.M. I.,
professed his First Vows, but he is filled with energy and he's as committed as ever to preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. I admire Fr. Andy for the way he lives his faith - and creatively shares it with others.

May the joy of the holiday season be with you this Christmas and throughout the New Year

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These inspirational talks give one a better understanding of life and spiritual growth. For the past years, Father Chalkey has devoted much of his time as a Catholic Chaplain at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois.

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